Tom McClean

Tom is an experienced Software Developer and Tech Enthusiast from Worcester, United Kingdom!

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About Me

Welcome to my personal website, why not learn a little bit about me with some quick facts.


I live in the county of Worcestershire, UK where I also attended School, College and University.


I work full time as a Software Developer at River in Gloucestershire. I write websites using C# MVC.


I enjoy making cool and useful things. I am a full stack developer who enjoys being creative.


I tend to listen to Alternative, Rock and Dance music. I am also partial to good soundtracks. Currently I am listening to Bastille.


I am an avid PC Gamer with a beastly rig. I often play FPS and Simulation Games. I am currently playing Elite Dangerous and Cities Skylines


I am very competitive and often play football. I also enjoy Tennis, Cycling, Swimming and anything that I can compete with people at.

Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence.

Vince Lombardi

Personal Projects

As developing software is one of my biggest hobbies I tend to write a lot of my own technology. Here are some of my latest projects!

Portal CMS

Portal CMS is a free content management technology with an integrated Page Builder. It is the framework that sits behind a lot of my websites.

I built this website using out of the box Portal CMS without writing any bespoke code to make it work.

Learn about Portal CMS


EyeDentity was my first forage into Page Building technology. It allows anybody on the web to create their own pages for free!

I used a lot of the ideas and lessons learned in this project to make Portal CMS as user friendly as possible.

Check out EyeDentity


A beautiful website that makes giving and receiving gifts easier, by allow you to add friends and share interests, wishlists and events!

Check out GiftDemon

Personal Website

I built this website to give myself a presence online and to give me a way of blogging about my experiences in the software development industry.

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A problem well stated is a problem half solved.

Charles Kettering

Recent Posts

I try to write about my experiences in software development, and progress in my personal projects, some of my most recent posts are displayed below.

Online Presence

You can find me all over the place, but here are some of the best places to find me!


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