How to Disable Recent Files and Frequent Folders in Windows 11

How to Disable Recent Files and Frequent Folders in Windows 11

There are so many features within Windows that can be disabled, this is one of those features that a lot of users may not even know is even there! You could go out of your way to disable features like this, but if you don’t, you may not get to use them.

Old file folders. Those little folders you’d find in the desktop of the past. They only take up space and often never get used anymore. They are there for a reason, though. They let you know what files you have recently opened. You’d think that, with Windows 10, it makes sense to have these folders be optional.

In Windows 10, Microsoft has added a feature called “Recent Files and Frequent Folders” that enable users to view files and folders they have recently opened or files and folders which are frequently accessed, without having to open them by clicking on their icon in the file system. This is a helpful feature, but sometimes it becomes a nuisance, since it takes up a lot of space in the system’s RAM.. Read more about how to disable recent files in windows 10 and let us know what you think.

Don’t want your recently used files or commonly used directories to be visible to others? For many users who use their computers with others, such as family members, this is a regular issue. When you start File Explorer in Windows 11, you’ll see a Quick Access directory with 20 of your most recently used files and several frequently used directories.

However, there is a solution to prevent recent files and frequently used folders from appearing in File Explorer’s Quick Access. This quick article will show you how to disable Windows 11’s recent files and frequent folders functionality, as well as how to clear recent files if you want to keep the option.

How do I turn off recent files and frequently used folders?

The Quick Access feature in File Explorer in Windows 11 is unaltered. When you run File Explorer, the Quick Access tab will display the 20 most recently used files and a few frequently used folders by default. Follow the steps below to disable the recent files and/or commonly used folders functionality.

  1. Open the File Explorer program.
  2. Then, from the top menu bar, select Options by clicking the triple dots icon.Folder Options in File Explorer on Windows 11
  3. Uncheck both or only one of the following checkboxes in the Folder Options window’s Privacy section (based on your preference).
    • Quick access displays recently used files.
    • Quick access folders should display frequently used folders.
  4. After that, click Apply, then OK.How to Disable Recent Files and Frequent Folders in Windows 11

By unchecking the aforementioned boxes, Windows will no longer display recent files and frequently used folders in File Explorer’s Quick Access area. The Quick Access tab will now only show the default folders, such as Desktop, Downloads, Documents, and Pictures, after the adjustments have been implemented.

To restore the default settings, repeat steps 1 and 2 to enter the folder options window. Then, under Privacy, re-enable the checkboxes to allow Windows to show recent files and frequent folders in File Explorer once more.

Alternatively, click the “Restore Defaults” button to return all folder parameters to their default settings.

What is the best way to delete recent files in Windows 11?

Here’s how to delete the recent files list while keeping the feature of showing recent files.

Steps 1–2 in the instructions above should be followed. Then, under Privacy in the folder settings window, click the Remove button to clear the file explorer history. This will clear the file explorer history of all logged recent files and frequently used folders.

How to clear recent files in Windows 11

After that, the recent files will display (0) with the notice “After you’ve opened some files, we’ll show the most recent ones here.” As soon as you open one, the list will reload and show the most recent things.

How to remove recent files in Windows 11

Another location in Windows 11 that maintains the history of recent files is the Recent Files folder.

The procedure for disabling the display of recent files outlined above will only prevent Windows from displaying recent files in the Quick Access area. It does not prevent it from logging recent files in other places. The directory below is another location in Windows 11 that retains recent file history.


How to clear all Recent folder Windows 11

However, in both the Quick Access and the Recent folders, the Clear option in the Folder Options clears the recent files list.

This Recent folder can also be accessed by typing the following into the File Explorer address bar, the Start menu search bar, or the Run window.

MicrosoftWindowsRecent %AppData %AppData %AppData %AppData %App

In Windows 11, this folder will list all of the recently used files and folders as shortcuts. You can delete them manually by selecting them and clicking the Delete key (or Shift + Delete to delete them permanently).

For sharing, use the following description: Don’t want your recently used files to be seen by others? In Windows 11, here’s how to remove or disable recent files and frequently used folders.

In Windows 11, Microsoft has made changes that I think is frustrating some of you. One of these changes is the ability to disable the recent files and frequent folders feature. I don’t want to disable this feature because I use it. I also don’t want to disable it because I want to save disk space. I need to disable it because I want to disable it.. Read more about remove frequent folders windows 7 and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I turn off recent files and frequent folders?

Recent files and frequent folders are turned off by default. To turn them back on, go to the settings menu and select Recent Files or Frequent Folders.

How do I turn off recent folder?

To turn off the recent folder, you can either go to settings and disable it or delete all of your recently played songs.

How do I stop Windows from showing recent documents?

There is a setting in Windows that allows you to disable the recent documents feature. You can find this setting under File Explorer Options -> View.

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