How to Get Pandora Premium for Free

How to Get Pandora Premium for Free

How to Get Pandora Premium for Free

Have you ever wanted to listen to music and not have ads interrupt your groove? Or maybe you just want a little more song variety in your life. Well, there is a way that will allow you to do both of these things.

Pandora Premium is the upgraded version of Pandora with no ads and unlimited skips! The only downside is that it costs $9.99/month but don’t worry because I found out how to get Pandora Premium for free! If you’re ready, let’s get started…

Pandora Premium is a way to listen to Pandora without having ads. You can also download songs for offline listening, and you can use Siri or Alexa to play music. It’s $9.99 a month for this service, which might be worth it if you’re an avid listener of Pandora! 

Here are Some Other Features

  • Offline Playback: Listen anytime without using your data! Download the music that you love so that when you’re on the go, there’s always something new to hear! 
  • Higher Quality Audio: Get more out of your favorite tracks with the improved sound quality from 320kbps MP3s all the way up to CD-quality FLAC files—all at no extra cost.
  • Beyond Offline: You can now download playlists, albums, and personalized stations for an unlimited listening experience while offline!
  • Siri & Alexa Integration: Use your voice to control music playback on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch (4th generation or later) or Android device.
  • New MiniPlayer: Get more control while you’re playing songs—now you can view all of the controls in one convenient place! 

Here are some reasons why Pandora Premium is better than paying $9.99/month for Spotify or Apple Music:

  • Ad-free: no ads to distract you from what’s important. – Save data: listen anywhere even without wifi. – Download: listen anytime without using any data at all!
  • Offline: download your favorite playlists, albums, and personalized stations for an unlimited listening experience while offline.
  • Better sound quality (320kbps MP3s all the way up to CD-quality FLAC files)
  • Siri & Alexa integration

Here are some reasons why it might be worse than paying $9.99/month for Spotify or Apple Music:

  • Limited availability: Pandora only works in the United States, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, and South Korea.
  • No family plan: if you have a family of more than one person who likes to listen to music on their phones/tablets/computers at once… you’re out of luck! Only one person can earn points each month with this free version of Pandora (unless you buy multiple Pandora accounts, but then it will be even more expensive). The free version of Pandora only works on one device at a time whereas if you were to get Spotify Premium or Apple Music, you could use it on multiple devices.
  • No offline: with the free version of Pandora, unlike with Spotify and Apple Music, there’s no way to listen to music without wifi.
  • Review average rating: 3/5 stars  

If you’re still not convinced that this is a good service for you because of how many cons I’ve listed above…

There’s also an alternative! A few years ago when they made the new upgraded version of Pandora with all these features I listed above, they decided to make a separate app for it.

It’s called Pandora Premium and can be downloaded from the app store for free, but I’ll get to that in a minute! The thing about Pandora Premium is that it doesn’t have all the features that the upgraded version of Pandora does.

For example, there’s no offline mode or higher quality sound with this one even though this is supposed to be a paid service. This might seem like a pretty bad deal because you’re paying money for an app that didn’t include all its features when Apple/Android made it… But don’t worry because I found out how to get Pandora Premium for free using this other app!

Pandora Premium for free! 

The app I’m talking about is called PandaMusic.

It works like the original music player, Pandora (only better because you can download it offline), except that with this one…it’s completely FREE.   

You don’t have to pay anything at all if you download PandaMusic…no money whatsoever. Plus, it’s not only available on the App Store but also for Android! You don’t need any type of membership or anything like that either.

You can listen to as much music as you want without being interrupted by ads and even download your favorite playlists so you can listen to them wherever/whenever no matter what- even when there’s no wifi.

Here’s a link to the App Store that will redirect you to PandaMusic: .

It works exactly like listening to pandora normally does except this one has all these nifty features that make it even better than Pandora!    

You can also download your favorite songs on your phone for free with PandaMusic and listen offline without using any data at all if you want.

You can’t do that with regular pandora or Spotify or Apple Music because those aren’t offline apps, but this one sure is! This app doesn’t have ads either which is definitely a plus compared to other music apps.

Siri & Alexa Integration

There was a new update to PandaMusic recently that allows you to connect your Pandora premium account to Siri and Amazon Echo, so now you can tell Siri what song you want to play on Pandora without having to touch your phone at all!

Echo users can also do the same thing with their voice which is pretty cool if you ask me. You can even tell both of these devices what songs, artists, or albums you want them to play for you using pandora premium with this app.

And that’s basically it! Free music + better sound quality than regular Pandora = more bang for your buck!   Download Panda Music on iOS or Android and get a free pandora premium, no money required! I hope this review was helpful.

If you have any suggestions or comments about how I can improve my reviews to make them better please feel free to leave me feedback down below! Thank you for reading and see y’all later :))

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