How to Troubleshoot: Microsoft Setup Bootstrapper has Stopped Working

How to Troubleshoot: Microsoft Setup Bootstrapper has Stopped Working

I am having a problem on my new Surface Book 2 that I installed yesterday. I get the message that my setup on the Surface Book 2 stopped working. I would like to try to fix this myself before I contact Microsoft. I tried to connect the Surface Book 2 to a monitor and keyboard and receive the following message: “The Microsoft Setup Bootstrapper has stopped working. Please try again later.”

I’ve been using Windows 7 since before it was generally available in early 2009. Before, I used Vista. I had a few issues with both. I had one drive stuck in single-user mode on Vista, and did a hard reset. I had another problem that took me a bit of time to figure out and fix. I wrote about it here:

Recently, we received a support ticket from a customer that was having trouble installing Microsoft Office. The customer reported that after running setup, they received an error message stating that “Setup Bootstrapper has stopped working.” This error was on an upgrade and, after troubleshooting, the customer was informed that this error displayed because of a software update that was already installed.

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BootStrapper is responsible for initializing an application written with the Composite Application Library in Microsoft Office 2013, 2016, and 2019. This relatively new technique was created to make the installation process easier by reducing the number of dependencies necessary.

When trying to run one, several, or all of the Microsoft Office apps, some users have received the error “Microsoft setup bootstrapper has ceased operating.” This issue has been reported in multiple Windows versions (Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10) and validated in several Microsoft Office versions (2013, 2016, 2019).

What causes the error “Microsoft Setup Bootstrapper has ceased working”?


When you try to start Microsoft Office suite apps, you may receive the Microsoft Setup Bootstrapper Has Stopped Working error. There are various reasons why Microsoft Setup Bootstrapper Has Stopped Working arises.

  • Third-party antivirus software prevents communication between the installation and Microsoft servers.
  • The installation files or registry keys are corrupted.
  • There is a conflict with the IObit software.
  • The registry editor disables Task Scheduler.
  • AppComparFlags prevents updates from taking place.
  • The Office installation is incompatible with the current version of Windows.

How can I fix the notice “Microsoft Setup Bootstrapper has Stopped Working”?


Updated on July 2021:

For your error, we now recommend that you use this tool. This utility also corrects common computer faults, protects you from file loss, spyware, and hardware failures, and optimizes your PC for maximum performance. With this software, you can quickly cure your PC problems and prevent others from occurring:

  • Step 1 : Download PC Repair & Optimizer Tool (Windows 10, 8, 7, XP, Vista – Microsoft Gold Certified).
  • Step 2: Select “Start Scan” to look for Windows registry issues that could be causing your computer to malfunction.
  • Step 3: To address all faults, click “Repair All.”



Installing and uninstalling programs with the Troubleshooter

  1. Download the Installing and Uninstalling Programs Troubleshooter from Microsoft’s support page.
  2. To download the troubleshooter, click the “Download” option that corresponds to your system type (32-bit or 64-bit).
  3. To run the Troubleshooter, go to Tools > Troubleshooter > Troubleshooter > Troubleshooter > Troubleshooter > Troubleshooter > Troubleshooter > Troubleshooter >
  4. To continue, click Next.
  5. Now you must wait for the troubleshooter to identify all issues.
  6. Choose the issue you’re having a difficulty with. For instance, we have an installation issue here, so click Install.
  7. Wait until the installation troubleshooter has finished discovering issues.
  8. After that, you’ll get a list of programs that have installation issues.
  9. If the program is on the list, select it and then click Next.
  10. If the program isn’t on the list, click Next after selecting No from the list.
  11. You’ll next be asked if you wish to uninstall the program or attempt some other options. Choose the one that you desire.

Clean boot mode is the best way to start your computer.

  1. Select Run -> type “MSConfig” without the quotes -> and press Enter or Ok.
  2. Now go to the “General” tab -> Select the “Selective startup” option in the boot selection -> Then turn on “Load system services” and “Use original boot configuration”.
  3. Then select the “Services” tab. At the bottom left of this window, check the box labeled “Hide all Microsoft services.”
  4. Now select “Disable all” from the drop-down menu.
  5. Now click “Disable All,” then “Apply,” then “Ok.”
  6. This procedure will restart your computer in a clean state.

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Most Commonly Asked Questions




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I have spent so much time fixing Microsoft Setup that I have forgotten what it does and why it is so helpful! In this article I will explain how this wonderful tool can save you time.. Read more about microsoft office enterprise 2007 setup has stopped working and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I fix Microsoft Setup Bootstrapper has stopped working while installing Office 2016?

Microsoft Setup Bootstrapper has stopped working while installing Office 2016.

How do I fix Microsoft Setup Bootstrapper has stopped working Office 2010?

Microsoft Setup Bootstrapper has stopped working Office 2010.

How do I fix Microsoft Setup Bootstrapper has stopped working when installing Office 2007?

Microsoft Setup Bootstrapper has stopped working when installing Office 2007 is a common error that can be fixed by following the steps below. 1) Restart your computer and press F8 to enter the Advanced Boot Options menu. 2) Select Safe Mode with Networking and press Enter on your keyboard. 3) Download the latest version of Windows 10 from Microsofts website, then restart your computer again and try installing Office 2007 again.

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