IObit Software Updater 4 Pro Review – Worth Your Money?

IObit Software Updater 4 Pro Review – Worth Your Money?

IObit Software Updater 4 Pro is a very popular tool amongst PC gamers. This is a new version of the IObit Updater and it has been released recently. It promises better performance and enhanced features. Read this IObit Software Updater 4 Pro Review to find out whether this software is worth your money or not.

IObit Software Updater 4 Pro is a tool that enables you to update and manage your computer software from the comfort of your own home. It is wholly possible that your Windows and Mac OS software are not all up to date, for example you may have not installed the latest version of your web browser, video software, or game emulator. You can choose to update and manage your software with IObit Software Updater 4 Pro which takes less than 15 minutes to install and has a simple and clean interface.

IObit Software Updater 4 Pro is a very handy tool that can be used as a standalone app or for the purpose of a system restore also. It does a great job at restoring system files and system apps and the user interface of the app is very intuitive and easy to use. I would recommend this app to anyone that is looking to keep their devices clean with a system restore.

IObit Software Updater Pro Review and Rating

Name: IObit Software Updater 4 Pro

Offer price: 9.73

Currency: USD

Operating System: Windows

Application Category: Utility

  • Features
  • Performance
  • Interface
  • Price


IObit Software updater pro can check for the updates of installed software on your PC. It also can install the update automatically according to your preferred schedule.


  • Automatic Update for Popular Software
  • Updates within the software
  • Great UI
  • User Friendly
  • Has Free Version


  • The database is not so big

To know about IObit Software Updater 4 pro, this review article can be a great place. Here, You will know about its features, pros, cons, price and discount information.

Keeping all software installed on Windows up to date can be a pain. That’s why you may prefer having a solution. In this case, A third-party software updater can help. As there are multiple options, you may become confused about which one to choose. If you are considering the IObit software updater, this unbiased review can help.

IObit software updater can scan the installed programs on your PC and check for updates. If it finds any, it can automatically install the update or prompt you to update. Recently, IObit has released the 3rd edition of this software. It brought some enhancements. To know all about it, let’s go through the next parts of this article.

Technical Specs and System Requirements

Here are the technical details of this application-

Vendor IObit
Software Name IObit Software Updater Pro
Latest Version
Installer Size 14.99 MB
Installation Size 57.7 MB
Language Support 36

Here are the System requirements-

Operating System Windows 11, 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP
Disk Space 300 MB Recommended Free Disk Space
Screen Resolution 1024*768 or above

This software updater has some features to give you a better experience. This feature list is not big. When you start using this software, you can find the following things.

  • Updates for Hundreds of Popular Software
  • Safe Update
  • Exclusion List
  • Auto-detect software vulnerabilities
  • System Restore
  • One Click Install for Popular Software

You see the features list is not so big. But, these are very helpful.

Automatic Update for Popular Applications

This can be handy for most PC users who have so many applications installed. Although the database of IObit Software Updater is not so large, it still can regularly update the most common software like Chrome, Firefox, iTunes, WinRAR, Skype, Steam, and many more. In my test, It found updates for many software that I had installed on my PC. When I tried its first version, the supported list was very small. But, The latest version supports hundreds of popular software. For most users, it is sufficient.

One more good thing is its schedule update capability. You can schedule when it will update the outdated software. If you want to update a single piece of software, you can do it. There is also the option for batch updates.

The latest IObit Software Updater 4 provides safer updates for your favorite PC apps and software. According to the IObit, All updates passed multiple manual tests, with no virus or ads.

Auto-detect software vulnerabilities

The latest IOBit Software Updater 4 can automatically detect if there is a known vulnerability in a software of its specific version. Then, It recommends the user update that specific software. It is a very helpful feature indeed. Because any vulnerabilities in your daily life software can lead you to danger.

System Restore and Exclude List

Everytime, IObit software updater updates something, it creates a system restore point. So, If the latest update of any software goes wrong, you can easily restore your PC to avoid problems.

You also can exclude software from being automatically updated. It helps you in many ways. One example can be applied for WinRAR. If you purchase a specific version of WinRAR, you can use that version forever. However, If you update it, you will lose the activation. So, You can remove it from the IObit Software Automatic update list. It will allow you to use it forever without worry.

Recommendation Tab

It has a recommendation tab. There you will find all the recommended list of software. When we need anything to install on our PC like VLC media player, Team Viewer, Dropbox, etc., we usually search on Google. But, You can install this type of common software with a single click. IObit Software updater has included these common software in the recommendation list. If you need any of them, you can just click on the install button. Everything will be done automatically without the manual approach.

IOBit Software Updater 4 Pro UI (User Interface)

Like other IObit applications, it has a great UI. It looks modern, clean, and simple. In the bluish background, everything looks just fine. You can see all of the installed applications which are supported by this updater on the home Window. It includes a status indicator next to the software name in the list. So, You can easily recognize which one is updated. On the left side, there are three tabs. You can navigate between them easily to access any window instantly. Overall, everything looks just fine and user-friendly in the IObit software updater pro.


There is no major downside of this software except the database size. Currently, It provides updates for a few hundred popular software. It is enough for most users. But, Still, A larger database could make it more appealing.

Price & Discount

This software has both a free and paid option. The free one has limitations. To get the full experience, you need the pro version. It cost $12.97 and includes 3 PC license for 1 year. However, We have arranged an exclusive deal for our audience. If you buy this software using our referral link and use the coupon , you will get it at just $9.73. Not only that, but You will also get smart defrag pro and protected folder software for free.

IObit Software Updater 4 Pro Review: Final Verdict

After reviewing the IObit software updater pro, I can say that it is good software. However, You may or may not want to purchase this type of software for many reasons. But, Look at the deal. It comes at a cheap price with two premium software as free gift. So, You definitely can try its free version. If it satisfies your needs, you can go for the pro version.

However, Are you already using the IObit software updater? Let us know your experience in the comment box.IObit Software Updater 4 Pro is a tool that has been marketed as a “set and forget” tool that makes updating software a breeze.. Read more about driver booster 8 pro review and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is IObit Software Updater worth?

IObit Software Updater is a software that can be used to update the software on your computer. It is not worth it because it does not do anything else.

Is IObit Software Updater safe?

IObit Software Updater is a software that is safe to use.

Can advanced SystemCare be trusted?

Advanced SystemCare is a trusted and popular software.

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