The Best Anvil Locations in Old School RuneScape –

The Best Anvil Locations in Old School RuneScape –

This site will contain information on RuneScape’s Anvils and how to get to them. The progress of this site is being monitored by me ( @tommcclean).

While all anvils can be used for crafting, there are certain locations where you can gain the most experience and win the most money when mining for ores. Some of these locations are well-known—the mines under Lumbridge, for example, are popular. However, there are also other spots that are less well-known, and can yield a greater profit when mined.

Anvils are all the rage in Old School RuneScape, and it’s no wonder why. They’re a highly effective source of Strength and Attack Bonus. They’re also one of the best ways to train Attack and Strength as they provide a constant source of Hitpoints, Strength Bonus and Attack Bonus.

There are two ways to gain experience as a blacksmith in OSRS:

By melting the ore into blocks and converting the blocks into objects.

At the anvil, skilled blacksmiths turned their ingots into armour, arrowheads and arrows.

There are many places in OSRS where you can find anvils. Some are located in very useful places, while others are difficult to reach and may be a bit awkward. I would say it is always important to use a well placed anvil when practicing, that way you can quickly get more rods and keep your experience high!

But some of the best anvils may not be where you think. So let’s see where the best places are to make anvils and how to get there!

5. Rusty anvil in Lumbridge

At the top of the list is an entry for new players and F2P players.

The rusty anvil is located in Lumbridge, it is a special anvil that can only be used to make bronze objects.

It’s also located near the Lumbridge furnace, so you can melt down some really fast ones here too!

Designed to teach players the basics of casting and blacksmithing, this anvil is often used by newcomers to OSRS.

It is located two floors above the stove and is about 80 tiles away from the nearest bank.

I highly recommend trying this place out if you’re new to the game and haven’t learned how the skill works yet.

Don’t forget the hammer!

Where to find : Just outside Lumbridge Castle, in the room above the stove.

4. Otto’s Cave

This is another special anvil on this list, it is located directly above the barbarian outpost at Otto’s Cave.

This anvil is called the anvil of the barbarian.

Spears and hasta can be forged here, and this is one of the only places in all of OSRS where this is possible (the only other place is the barbarian village outside of Warrock).

This means you have to be a member to use this anvil.

You will also have to undergo barbaric training in the cave, where you will first be taught how to use the anvil. So we’ll have to work a little bit to get there.

Moreover, you can forge the rune hasta on this anvil. It requires at least a level 90 blacksmith, so it’s worth keeping this place in mind.

Where to find : In Otto’s house, next to Otto’s cave.

3. Keldagrim blast furnace

The blast furnace is one of the best places to get blacksmithing experience in the entire game.

Here you can melt ingots and even forge them, as there are 3 anvils nearby.

Anvils are also just 20 tiles away from the bank’s box, making it one of the better-located options.

Just note that you need a forge of level 60 or higher to use it.

The blast furnace workshop, which sells ore and is constantly replenished, is used by many high and low masters.

Players can buy, smelt and forge ores, all in one place.

Experienced metalworkers will find that this method simply provides one of the best forging experiences.

Where to find : In the city of Keldagrim, you must complete the quest for the giant dwarf. There’s also an anvil here at the Quality Armor store.

2. Warrock West

This is one of the most widely used anvils.

It is located just 10 tiles from the west bank of the Warrock and is open to members and non-members.

However, the anvil is not locked behind any content. So you can access it from the beginning of the game.

You will always see this anvil engaged in every world, with players walking between it and the bench.

I highly recommend this place for anyone looking for something easy.

Where to find : Not far from the west side of Warrock, in the building right across the street.

1. southern prefectures

My first choice in the game is the Anvil, located in the southeast corner of Prefddinas.

The reason is that he is closest to the bank (only 9 tiles), one tile ahead of Warrock’s anvil!

Prifddinas’ southern location is also the closest to the anvil, as the furnace here is directly opposite the anvil.

So this is one of the few places in OSRS where a furnace + anvil are so easily accessible!

But unlocking this anvil is no easy task.

You must complete the quest Song of the Elves.

This quest is one of the hardest in the game, but it rewards you with access to useful content (like this anvil).

Since the quest requires you to be level 70 blacksmith, this is a flexible requirement to use this furnace.

Where to find : You can reach this anvil after completing the Song of the Elves in the southern corner of Prifddinas.We all know that old school RuneScape is one of the best MMORPGs of all time, and it is still enjoyed by millions of people around the world today. If you are a regular player of this game, you probably know where to find the best anvils, which are places where you can mine ores and precious metals. There are hundreds of locations in Runescape, but this guide will go over the most important ones, where you can find the best anvils.. Read more about rusted anvil osrs and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are anvils in Runescape old school?

An anvil is a tool used to make metal objects. It is a large metal block with a flat top and two arms.

Where can I find an anvil in lumbridge?

There is an anvil in the Lumbridge Castle basement.

What is the fastest way to level up smithing in Old School Runescape?

The fastest way to level up smithing in Old School Runescape is to smelt ores at the furnace.

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